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Unique Beauty

The many advantages and attractive visual appeal of any new construction is achievable through a viriety of applications that we are here to assist you with in a cost efficient way.

Specialized Consulting

Every project has its own uniqueness that requires precise attention to detail. We pride ourselves on providing top notch consulting and product design for our clients.


We are committed to complete each project with the same reputation of excellence that was a trademark of the original Zimmcor company throughout many decades.

We are Zimmcor Consulting Group, here to assist our clients in developing and maintaining a safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing exterior to your construction project. Even though our company services differ from our founding days, we remain guided by those same past principles. This is our story.  

In 1951 Zimmcor opened its doors in Montréal as a family run business. In the years ahead the company would become a pioneer in the curtain wall industry and soon stand out as the largest privately owned aluminum curtain wall manufacturer in North America. Our proud ties to the local community allowed us to leave our mark on the downtown core, one which still can be seen to this day on some of the largest high-rise buildings in the city.

The Zimmcor brand expanded in the 60s and 70s becoming the industry leader not only for local projects, but across Canada, the US and overseas. The company workmanship and footprint made its way to many major international markets, like New York and London, England. These gains were a direct result of the positive efforts from our 600 employees, all part of the greater Zimmcor family.

In 1988 the Zimmcor Company was sold out of its original founding hands, but it left an immense impact on many aspects of the curtain wall and aluminum industries. With 100s of projects completed, whether small, medium or large, Zimmcor treated every customer with the same respect and dedication to quality.

Today Zimmcor Consulting Group returns to those same original family roots using the past as our guiding principles and looking towards the future to help build the cities of tomorrow. In our new role we are here to consult and assist in improving every aspect of the exterior portion of your project. We look forward in helping to guide you every step of the way. 

Zimmcor Consulting Group North Amercia

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